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Steve Radack


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Putting My Experience to Work

Steve Radack has dedicated his life to public service in a journey that has taken him from patrolling the streets of Houston as a Sergeant with the Houston Police Department, to the Constable of the second largest Constable's Office in the State of Texas, to Commissioner of Harris County Precinct 3.


The diversity of these roles afforded Steve an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience at many levels of governing. Beyond this, they each had something in common.  They required a person of strong character, someone determined to serve the community, and to take responsibility in making wise decisions that affected us all.  They required a leader, and throughout his career Steve has proven himself to be just that.

Experience that counts.


Law Enforcement Officer

Steve began his journey in public service when he joined the ranks of the Houston Police Department.  Rising quickly in the department he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in only 5 years and would serve as an HPD officer for a total of 11 years. Steve Radack’s days as a peace officer were not over however as he was elected as the Constable of Harris County Pct. 5 in 1984. 


Community Leader

In 2003, Steve was appointed to serve as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS) where he was one of 9 Board Members overseeing a retirement system of assets exceeding $8 billion; Steve served on TCDRS for 13 years.


Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner

The next step in Steve’s journey would bring him to the Harris County Commissioners Court where he would serve for the next 32 years as Commissioner of Pct. 3. Steve was instrumental in establishing policies that governed all aspects of Harris County’s government that earned a high AAA Bond Rating. 


Community Volunteer and Family Man

Steve has contributed his time and resources to the American Diabetes Association, The University of St. Thomas, and Texas Our Texas Foundation.  He has served as District Chairman of the Boy Scouts of America—Mustang District, and has supported and continues to support numerous local and national charities. Steve and Sherry have 4 sons and 6 grandchildren.

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